21st Century Metamorphoses:  Towards a Transformational Pedagogy Using Educational Technology

The blog agenda for a Saturday Seminar Series 

Workshop at St. Mary’s College of California

April 6, 2013

St. Martin de Porres, College for a Day, March 20, 2013

An adaptation of the Digital Storytelling Workshops


Transformation through Digital Storytelling Workshop at SMC

Participants learn about the basics of digital storytelling as related to a previous presentation on fairytales and the challenges they create for women and men living in the real world.  


Digital Storytelling NCTE Meeting Proceedings 

Here secondary teachers learn about the inner workings of digital storytelling and its connection to multiliteracies, multimodal expression, and the Common Core.  


Critical Pedagogy Webquest

In this webquest, secondary teacher candidates explore critical pedagogy, including theory and practices.  


Multiliterate and Multimodal

This Prezi presentation was constructed to introduce SMC TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology participants through an understanding of what it means to be multiliterate and multimodal in the 21st century.  Participants define terms, learn about 21st century skills, and then apply their knowledge to teaching practices, supported by educational technology.  

21st Century Skills, the iPad and the “Now Generation” 

In this Prezi presentation, participants focus in on 21st century skills and the support of their development in adolescents through the use of educational technology.   


Educational Technology Webquest

In this webquest, in service teachers explore educational technology, theories and subject specific applications.    


Rubrics for Pre-service Teacher Assignments

Block Unit Plan Rubric.docx

Observation Rubric Pilot.docx

Teacher Student Interview.docx

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